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Tax Preparation


I actually enjoy doing tax returns.  I do income tax returns for individuals, self-employment, LLC's, S corporations, rentals, non-profits, trusts and estates, as well as estate and gift tax returns.  I also teach continuing education for tax pros.  I would love to help you understand your tax return.

Probate and Estates


Do you need an estate plan or help with a probate matter? As an attorney and a legal educator, I can help you understand your estate planning or probate needs and provide the support and services you need, whether it is a simple will, a complex trust, or a decedent's estate.

Taxpayer Representation


Did you receive a letter from the IRS or the Department of Revenue? Do you need to file some prior year's returns?  Whatever your situation, I can help you set up a payment plan, file an offer in compromise, and negotiate with the taxing agency.



Donna M. Byrne, Attorney at Law

Donna Byrne has been an attorney since 1990, and was a full-time law professor focusing on tax and estates for 23 years in Delaware and Minnesota.  Professor Byrne still teaches Estates and Trusts Law. She is very good at noticing details.  Oregon attorney #163042.


Licensed Tax Consultant

Oregon licenses tax professionals (as well as CPAs and attorneys.)  Donna is a Licensed Tax Consultant, and she teaches continuing education classes for other tax professionals.   LTC #907103C


Enrolled Agents, America's Tax Experts

Enrolled Agents are the only federally licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation and in representing taxpayers before the IRS.  Donna became an Enrolled Agent in 2016, because she was impressed by the EAs she had met.


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